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Merlin Emrys
6 February
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What can I say about me? Aside from being Canadian, a student, and being probably an eccentric in the making ...

Obsessor and enthusiast who aspires to eventually obtaining expertise in something. I'm a French major, in university, and have many interests generally involving history, books, and fantasy. Writing, drawing, and music (both violin and voice) are the arts I most enjoy doing -- though I love going to the theatre as well, to watch others perform. Fencing, horseback riding and sailing are my sports of choice. I harbour a strange love for Iceland and skyr, for odd bits of history and legend, for weirdness, for the sea, for thunderstorms, for tall ships.

My posts are friends-locked but do feel free to add me, and provided you tell me your reason for friending me, I will likely add you back. Though I prefer to add people with whom I share interests and/or friends.

This journal contains much whingeing at times. You have been warned.